Hello and welcome. I am Tim and this is my blog and also a personal journey where I am handing out practical hands-on SEO tips for (wordpress) bloggers!

When I first started out I knew little nothing about SEO. I built my first website (on WordPress and a domain name and hosting from Bluehost) and I thought people would find it and I would make a truckload of money from selling the services I offered. I was, very, wrong! I thought, how the h^%ll do you get some love from Google?

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    Just in case you are unclear on the concept, SEO is built on solid keywords. Make no mistake about it-if you are gunning after the wrong keywords, you won't get as much traffic from search engines as you should. Target the right keywords and you can get more traffic with less competition. Shoot for the…
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Use Social Media To Get Guest Post Opportunities That Count

If I can get paid a penny for each piece of misinformation floating around at SEO blogs and SEO forums regarding social media’s impact on SEO, I’d be a millionaire. Seriously. How many of these SEO myths have you heard before?

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